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Streamline your management of industrial waste

BINGE bottom opening steel container for forklift with fork positioner.

Time-saving, well-proven and built for industrial use. A number of Europe's

industrial companies have for many years been using BINGE for their waste management.

BINGE 6_1000x1000.jpg

Bottom emptying container

  • Fast and easy emptying by spreading the forklift's forks.

  • Increase the capacity! BINGE holds almost twice as much as a tilt container on the same floor space.

  • Rationalise management! Less frequent need for emptying.

  • Increase staff safety! All handling of BINGE is done smoothly from inside the forklift.

Choose model according to your capacity needs

If you experience traditional waste management inefficient, there are good reasons to change to a bottom-emptying system. The wide range of models covers most needs for volume capacity.


  • Eight standard models with volume capacity from 470 to 3900 litres.

  • Accessory program to adapt the container to the waste management in your business.

  • 12 different accessory colours to simplify sorting according to the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling association.

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