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About BINGE 


Binge Container is part of the Gnosjö company GLS Industries. GLS is a group in sheet metal processing with production units in Gnosjö and Ljungby in southern Sweden.


The idea behind the bottom-emptying container was developed by the inventor Bo Lörgård 30 years ago when he worked with logistic solutions at an industrial company in Halmstad. Traditional handling of large waste volumes was considered as time-consuming and unsafe. Since its introduction in the late 1980s, the container has been distributed and sold under various brands over the years but is now marketed under the BINGE brand.


Over the years, the model program has been broadened and quality improvements have been made to ensure long container durability. Today, manufacturing resources are expanded through GLS’ modern and automated production.


BINGE Container streamlines waste management in different types of industrial companies. The reference list includes customers in 12 countries.


Bo Lörgård is responsible for the international dealer network and sales in Sweden.


GLS Industries has been around for over 60 years and has long-standing experience of sheet metal processing. They are suppliers to all types of industries where processed sheet metal is needed; electrical, telecom, ventilation, construction, interior design and lighting. Since 2013, GLS Industries has been in a very expansive phase with company acquisitions, increased staff and updated machinery. Today, they are one of the leading sheet metal product suppliers in the market.

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