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Smart waste management

Of course, you also want to increase the efficiency and maximise staff safety in your waste management!

Double your capacity and improve overall economy

BINGE bottom emptying container is developed to streamline the management of industrial waste. BINGE holds almost twice as much on the same floor space as a tilt container. This means less forklift driving and higher safety as the driver empties the container from inside the forklift. Emptying the container will be both easier and faster. Above all, increased capacity in waste management means that BINGE has been used for many years in various types of industrial companies throughout Europe.

Bottom emptying container rationalize the management of waste material.

Wide range of uses

The wide range of models covers most needs for volume capacity. All models have a load capacity of 2000 kg to be used for everything from light waste such as plastic, cardboard and paper to heavier goods such as wood waste, scrap metal and solid materials.


BINGE is easy to place. The container can also be moved by hand pallet truck or by hand when equipped wheels.

Move the container by forklift, or by hand when equipped wheels.

How do you know that BINGE is right for you?

We help you choosing model based on your capacity needs and fork spread on your forklift.

Made in Sweden

  • Powder coated - more scratch resistant and provides better rust protection.

  • Fully welded - with the gable of the bottom opening in 6 mm sheet steel.

  • The driver does not have to leave the forklift to un-lock the mechanism.

  • Empties waste efficiently via bottom opening, irrespectively to the waste's gravity centre.

  • Stable and torsionally rigid construction.

BINGE swedish-made robust container.
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