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Standard models
bottom opening steel container

Select model according to your capacity needs

Maximum load capacity 2 000 kg for all models. Of course, BINGE is CE marked and user instructions are included.


When selecting a model, make sure that there is sufficient maximum fork spread for opening the bottom completely. Max dimensions:

A. Max fork width ≤150 mm

B. Max fork height ≤50 mm

C. Max fork spreading – see table

Fork spreading for bottom opening – to consider about

For the recommended capacity of your forklift's fork spread when selecting a model, see table column "Fully open bottom" (= dimension C).

Need for opening of the bottom hatches for different types of waste:


In case of solid waste – the bottom hatches must be opened completely.


In case of waste in smaller sizes of material – the bottom hatches only need to be opened 80 %.


In case of waste of grainy material – the bottom hatches only need to be opened 60 %.

BINGE 6_retusch_1000x1000.jpg
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